Why Buy Ink and Toner from a Local Saskatoon Store

Why should you buy your ink and toner for your printer from a local Saskatoon store? One of the main reasons is when you come here to our store in Stonebridge, you do not have to go looking for anything. We just get the cartridges you need and then you are on your way.


@prairielaserinkandtoner We find your printer ink and toner for you - saving you time and frustration....#shoplocalsaskatoon #printerink ♬ original sound - PrairieLaserInkandToner

During the pandemic we added a front counter for safety and we would just go get your ink and toner for you. It turns out that this made it so much easier and faster for our customers so we just kept the counter up. You can usually be in and out of here in under 2 minutes. And with parking right in the front it makes is so much more convenient for you.

We also track all your purchases through your phone number so you never have to remember what you bought in the past. We already know! Another time and effort saver!