Saskatoon Family Operated Ink and Toner Business

We are a proud Saskatoon family operated ink and toner business. The business has been in the family for years in years and we still operate it the same way we did when we started. We are focused on providing great customer service at the best prices in Saskatoon.



You will always see Boston, our loving dog, in the store. You might even come across one of the many children or grand children milling about too! You will always feel comfortable coming here.

We focus on providing a well stocked store full of OEM ink and toner cartridges and compatible ink and toner cartridges. Our compatible cartridges will save you a ton of money over the life of your printer and they are guaranteed to work. If they don't, come back in for one that will!

We know who you are when you come in and we know your ink and toner! We track all of your purchases with your phone number so we always know what you bought before even if you have multiple printers!

So not only are we saving you money we are saving you a ton of time and effort too. Usually you can be in and out of here in under 2 minutes!

If we do not have the ink and toner cartridge you need in stock, we can typically get it in by the next business day! No need to run around the city finding the cartridge.