Refill Ink Cartridges in Saskatoon

If you are wanting to refill your ink cartridges for your inkjet printers in Saskatoon, unfortunately you are out of luck! 



There are no businesses in Saskatoon that refill ink cartridges any more. Back in the day, we refilled a ton of ink cartridges daily. But over time, it got harder and harder with all the chip changes. Also the price of compatible ink cartridges made it much more economical (and less messy :)) that compatible ink cartridges become the norm. So within a few years most businesses stopped offering to refill ink cartridges.

So now, from us at Prairie Laser in Stonebridge, you can get very well priced compatible ink cartridges that are guaranteed to work in your inkjet printers. 

Gone are they days of getting ink all over your house, business, clothes and hands. Now you can order compatible ink cartridges for many of the brand name printers on the market today.

Whenever you are looking for a new printer, consult with us first to make sure that the model you are interested in can indeed use compatible ink cartridges instead of original manufacturer ones that are more expensive!

We also sell inkjet printers here in Stonebridge so if you are in need of a new printer, call us or stop by and we will be glad to help!