Buying Ink and Toner Cartridges With Your Phone Number

We always get asked why we ask for your phone number when buying brand name or compatible ink and toner cartridges from us. We definitely don't do it to call you or sell your number to some random marketing company. We ask so that we can track all your printer ink and toner cartridges so you never have to remember what you need.



There are so many printer brands and model numbers, and there are so many ink and toner cartridge brands and model numbers. There are too many! So many that most customers get confused and forget what they need. Since we track all your orders we can get your phone number then pull up all your previous purchases. 

We can even track multiple printer model numbers and ink and toner models numbers. That way we can ask what printer are you needing ink and toner for and get you the right cartridges!

We have been selling brand name and compatible ink and toner cartridges for decades in Saskatoon. Compatible ink cartridges can save you a bunch of money and they are guaranteed to work. If you ever have problems with our compatible cartridges just bring them back and we will get you a new one.